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Fiber optic internet is the solution to the slow net connection you have at the office or home. There is a vast difference between the optic internet and the DSL you are using. In this time, speed in getting and trading the pertinent data is a need.



Through fiber optic transfer of information through pulses of light, Internet communication around the world has been revolutionized. 



You can also enjoy the services of fiber internet but before that, here are the five main reasons to use it for your business.


Internet connection with Veracity fiber like you have never imagined! 


Even when matched with the best copper connection, Fiber optic Internet comes out faster, with its range of 5 Mbps to 100 Gbps. When there is a high demand for accessing the Internet, your business should able to deliver.


There is a study conducted by Sandish which found out that employees productivity is highly affected by slow to moderate Internet. While the time your groups spend attending to moderate Internet can appear to be minor, it accumulates into something big after some time. Your Internet connection must never be the reason to be less productive. It ought to be an instrument that backings your representatives' craving to work gainfully.


More reliable Internet connection


Fiber Internet availability offers critical unwavering quality preferences over copper Internet network, because of the way that fiber is much more grounded than copper. Fiber optic internet is not affected by varying weather conditions which can be damaging to other types of tools like copper wiring which slows down transmission. It is also very resistant to human or electrical interference and would only break down when the fibers are actually being cut.


Unreliable Internet associations can have genuine expenses to business. The amount of unplanned downline can affect the company's productivity. When your company depends on the Internet to make phone calls to clients or open applications, it is important to find a dependable Internet provider.


Bandwidth is also extended


It can be fairly easy to reach the "cap" of your Internet bandwidth when your business requires data transmission. The bandwidth for companies is greater and even with simultaneous high demands on the network, it does not decrease.


Higher data security


Would-be programmers and data cheats can access business digital Internet without breaking a sweat, because of link tapping or other moderately basic systems. Should anyone wish to tap a fiber-optic cable, he must cut the filaments, which would case the signal to disappear. Fiber-optic Internet is one capable approach to building your organization's security against digital wrongdoing.  


 It is a cost-effective business measure


Quick Internet is "broadly considered" to be a profitability device for organizations. It could mean eliminating the one-week unproductive time of the employees. Profitability issues directly attributed to slow Internet could vanish with fiber especially with Veracity Networks.


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